Top 10 Best Free Generators for Business Name Ideas in 2019


When it comes to creating your very own business name ideas from scratch, there can be a lot of complicated moving parts. One of the very first things you’ll need to do is take the time to properly plan out your branding strategy and figure out how your business name will stand out from the rest.

So, how will you come up with a company name that will differentiate from the competition? 

Well, you’re in luck! We’re here to help you create a unique business name that will be catchy enough to attract the attention of your target audience and be creative enough to be remembered by consumers.

Let’s get started!

How to come up with a business name.

  1. Understand your business inside and out.
  2. Think of descriptive keywords that relate to your niche.
  3. Choose a naming convention.
  4. Spark interest.
  5. Register your business name.

1. Understand what your business does.

Before you start coming up with a big list of potential names, you should first write down your business’ defined mission, values, goals, target audience, and vision. These are critical pieces of information that tell your business’ story, which will, in turn, help you with creating that perfect company name that represents everything that you strive for.

These are just a few questions you could ask yourself to start brainstorming.

  • What makes your business different?
  • Who is your target audience (potential customers)?
  • What services or products do you offer the market?

2. Think of descriptive keywords that relate to your niche.

After wrapping up the core fundamentals of your business, start making a list of descriptive keywords that properly correlate with what your business does or what makes it stand out. Having a list of solid keywords will help with what direction you want to take your name. Your keywords can be creative, witty, professional, funny, etc.

Some examples of possible keywords for a clothing business are “fitted”, “style”, “high-end”, “fashion”, “attire”, “designer”, etc.

3. Choose a naming convention.

To spice up your unique business name you can choose from different styles of naming conventions. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Use a single word (or made-up word)
  • Combine two or more keywords
  • Add or remove letters within keywords to make something new.
  • Use an acronym that stands out.
  • Include your business location or the names of the founders.

4. Spark interest.

When someone walks past your store or visits your website for the first time, what does your business name portray to your customers? Take time to think about what reactions a new customer would have by reading your company name for the first time. Even better, when coming up with ideas, try asking friends and family members on their initial thoughts when pitching your ideas to them. First impressions are everything!

5. Register your new business name.

After filtering through your list of business name ideas, find the one that speaks to you the most. Once you’ve made your final choice, nows the time to register your company. Start by doing a quick trademark search online to see if the name is still available for use. The registration process may vary depending on which industry you’re in or which country you reside in.

Creative Business Name Idea Generators

One way to get a jumpstart on your naming process is to use the aid of an online company name generator. Here is our curated list of the top 10 best free generators for business name ideas:

  1. Namelix: Enter in a few keywords and Namelix will generate you a variety of choices to choose from, along with logo ideas.
  2. Shopfiy: Shopfiy’s idea generator gets straight to the point with 100 possible names to pick from.
  3. Namesmith: Describe your business with up to 5 keywords to receive an array of options with recommended domain names.
  4. Namemesh: Works best with 2 – 3 descriptive keywords. Will output a nicely filtered list of names and domains.
  5. Oberlo: Within seconds, Oberlo shows your hundreds of suggestions that work best for your business.
  6. Brandroot: Choose what kind of personality your business has with Brandroot’s different filters.
  7. BusinessNameGenerater (BNG): Recieve thousands of good ideas for your company and filter results by industry.
  8. Anadea: Free unique names for your business with an offer of web development services.
  9. Novanym: Narrow down your results by naming style and your business sector.
  10. BrandBucket: Search for packages including domains and logo designs.

You can use one or multiple generators to help you come up with some cool name ideas.

Don’t forget to add your twist on some of the generated names to add even more uniqueness to your company name.

What to consider when coming up with ideas.

Keep it short, sweet, and easy to remember!

Most successful companies tend to have a short and simple name that is easy to write and remember. Some notable examples include… “Apple”, “Dell”, “Gucci”, “AT&T”, “Jet Blue” etc.

Company names that are hard to pronounce or spell correctly can significantly hurt you in the long run. You want your customers to quickly be able to think of your business name when referring your business to someone they know. Word of mouth is a huge key factor when it comes to promoting and building your brand. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be – especially when starting.

Avoid names that are too specific.

We can’t predict the future but we should always plan for it. When you’re coming up with an idea for your name, try to avoid specifying your name too much. For example, if you own a cellphone repair shop and name it “iPhone Repairs” you are doing yourself a disservice if you want to expand your company into computer repairs or other electronics. Your target audience will assume you only fix iPhones.

Avoid complicated words.

Bigger companies can get away with branding themselves with made-up words that are very different from anything you would see in a dictionary. Some examples would be “Google”, “Rakuten”, “Exxon”, etc. Coining a word for your company can be tough and usually requires a large advertising budget for it to stick to your audience. Try to avoid going this route unless you have a lot of extra cash flow to spend on your business name ideas.

Think about location-based names.

When you’re coming up with good ideas for a company name make sure to think twice about using your geolocation in the title. Using the location of your service area in the name of your business can be tricky. On one hand, it may help with local SEO for nearby customers searching for your service. If you ever plan to grow your company to other areas you are probably going to have to change the name because it will lose its local relevancy. Think carefully about including your city, town, state, or country.

One last tip

Before you settle down with the perfect name, make sure to double-check if a matching domain name is available for your business. Be careful to search if your competition is already using a very similar domain name or if any trademark issues are possible. You want to avoid any possible confusion for the customers or and liabilities from competition. Make sure that whichever domain name you decide to use is easy to read and short enough to remember. 


Naming a brand new business can be one of the most difficult tasks a new entrepreneur has to make. While it is important to fully understand the power of branding and choosing the best name possible, just remember above all else have fun with it. This is your business and your baby to name. Choose what feels right.

To sum it up:

How to come up with a business name

  1. Define your business vision
  2. Choose a naming style
  3. Brainstorm keywords & use online business name idea generators
  4. Check the availability of your business name online. (domains, social media, etc)
  5. Test for feedback with family and friends
  6. Register your business name and domain.
  7. Profit!

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